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Updated 7-15-2017

Who is Carolina High?

Carolina High Hot Air Balloon Company, LLC is owned by Randy and Jean Lee.  Both grew up in the Benson, NC area and still call the I-95 and I-40 area home.  Randy holds a Commercial/Instructor Rating for hot air balloons and can find humor in anything he does.  Jean is very involved in the operation, maintaining the schedule, managing crew operations and always finds time to laugh.  They are both members of the Balloon Federation of America and they hold board positions with the Carolinas Balloon Association.

Carolina High Hot Air Balloon Company, LLC caters to couples, friends and families offering a more private experience.  While up to four people can ride with the pilot in the basket, Randy and Jean respect the fact that most people enjoy the flight more with up to three people they know (we don't like to fly you with strangers).  This makes choosing Carolina High Hot Air Balloon Co., LLC easy for such occasions as: birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals, retirement, a bucket list check-off or other couple, friend or family related occasions.  After each flight, the passengers will receive Flight Certificates and get to choose champagne or sparkling juice to celebrate their flight.

Randy and Jean are very concerned about the reputation of their company

when it comes to Safety and Customer Satisfaction.  Safety is the first when

it comes to making hot air balloon flight decisions.  Pre-flight information 

concerning weather conditions, the condition of the equipment and how the

pilot feels is always brought into consideration before each flight is conducted. 

A Passenger Information Sheet will be forwarded to the person booking the             Last Check with Flight Service

flight via email prior to the scheduled flight.  The Passenger Information Sheet

will explain what may be encountered during a balloon flight.                                                                                                                           

Randy and Jean will be accompanied by their Wonderful Crew.  We can never forget the Crew.  Without the Crew, the balloon doesn't launch or pack-up very easy and it would be a long walk back to the meeting location.  The Crew will assist Randy with balloon assembly, inflation and see him and the passengers off.  They will anticipate the area the balloon will land and make every attempt to be there to welcome everyone back to Mother Earth.  The Crew will pack and load the balloon into the trailer and bring Randy and the passengers back to the meeting location.

Randy, Jean and Crew make every effort to make the

passengers feel at ease with what is usually a first time

experience.  Many have seen balloons in the past.  However,

being up close brings a realization of their vast size and the

theory of lighter than air balloon flight.


Laughter is not at all uncommon around Randy, Jean and Crew. 

They all have a story to tell.

If the passengers and landowners agree and time permits, Randy shares the ballooning experience with

neighborhood children that come out to the landing site.

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Carolina High Hot Air Balloon Company, LLC