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Updated 7-15-2017

Carolina High Hot Air Balloon Company, LLC

Scheduling a Flight and Prices

There is nothing more peaceful than floating above the countryside in a beautiful hot air balloon.  "Of course all balloon owners think their balloon is beautiful."

Flight operations take place near Benson, NC.  Basically, we fly in the area of the I-40 and I-95 interchange in beautiful eastern North Carolina with views of the rural area.

During the months May thru October, we schedule PM flights Monday - Sunday, weather permitting. During the months November thru April, we schedule flights on weekends and holidays only, weather permitting.  We typically meet about two and one-half hours before sunset.  

We fly during these times when the winds are light with minimal thermal activity.  (Thermal activity causes unstable atmospheric conditions that negatively affect the balloon.)  Weather conditions have to be suitable for ballooning. It is not uncommon to have to reschedule a hot air balloon flight due to weather conditions not meeting the pilot's requirements.  We respect your busy schedule and make every attempt to determine whether a flight can be conducted before you depart your location for travel to the meeting site.  However, the actual decision to launch the balloon is not made until the pilot has the release line in hand.  But remember, it will be worth the wait should we have to reschedule.

Most hot air balloon flights are about 1 hour in duration  The complete experience from the time we meet at a predetermined location until we return and have the after flight celebration will be about 3 hours.  All passengers will be treated to champagne or sparkling juice, snacks and a flight certificate.  

Passenger must be of good health.  Will the flight is calm and peaceful the landing could be a bit bumpy.  Passengers should be able to stand the entire flight unassisted and have strength to brace themselves during landing.

There are no age restrictions; however, we recommend that older passengers be in good health and fit enough to participate in sports requiring moderate physical activity.  Passengers must be able to climb in and out of the basket and may be required to take a short walk to the chase vehicle on soft and/or uneven ground.  Younger passenger should be of an age to appreciate a peaceful experience and follow instructions given by the pilot.  We have found that some, not all, children under 10 years of age get bored and sometimes prevent their parent(s) or guardian(s) from enjoying the flight.

Passengers should wear casual clothing with sturdy, lace-up shoes.  Most passengers are comfortable wearing clothing typical for taking a leisurely walk in the park just after sunrise or just before sunset..  And, be sure to bring your camera.

We cater to couples, friends and families.  We have found that the flight is more enjoyable when everyone knows one another.  The crew will be glad to take pictures with your camera before and after the flight.

4 Passengers Maximum  (This number may be reduced based on the total combined weight of the passengers and temperature.  We will discuss this when you book your flight)

Current Pricing

                   Two Person & Couple Only Flights                                                            $450.00

                   Additional Family and Friends                                                                   $150.00 Each

                   Children under 16 Years of Age (Accompanied by Two Adults)             $125.00 Each

 We do not accept Credit Cards.

Tips:  All tips received are divided equally among your volunteer crew.  They do everything they can to make your flight enjoyable.  They are appreciative of all tips.

Please call for Quotes related to corporate promotions, private party tethers or flights in other locations.

Please contact us to schedule a flight or if you have any questions.