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What Some of Our Previous Clients Had to Say---

We pride ourselves in offering a memorable hot air balloon experience to every client.  We enjoy the sport of ballooning and make every effort to satisfy our clients with a great time.  Many of our past clients offered comments regarding their experience with Carolina High Hot Air Balloon Co., LLC.

Here are comments from a few of our recent clients that are now our new friends.

Carolina High's Philosophy:  "There are no Strangers, just Friends we haven't met, yet."

It was amazing!  Nothing like I've ever done before.  It was very good.  Mr. Randy is a good pilot and I like picking leaves.

Kalyn and Lauren                                   Lauren is one of our #1 fans.  Love you Lauren!

Beautiful journey in a beautiful balloon.  There is no grander thing than being gifted with an opportunity to dance in the clouds with gracious new friends.  Looking forward to dancing again.


Everyone was very friendly and the ride was amazing.  Good times with good people.

Jenna and Roger

This experience was amazing - excellent hospitality and memories that will last a lifetime!  Thank you so much for an amazing ride!

Abbi and William

Excellent Trip - Fantastic Crew!  A+++ all the way!  Repeat customer - Will see you again.

Michel and Susan

One of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Love it!!  Crew, Pilot were awesome.  View was breathtaking.  Must do again and again.

Kathleen and Erin                                      Check that off the ole Bucket List.  Glad we could help!

I could not have asked for a better first balloon experience.  I am so pleased with everyone's professionalism and the ability to work as a team - "Atta boys to all"!  Wonderful experience!  The ride was smooth and wonderful time with Randy and crew.  Thanks so much.

Bennett, Betty, Iona, and Missy

It was an amazing experience!  The crew was so nice and made us feel very comfortable for the flight.  Thanks for flying us high up in the sky  Definitely will recommend you guys.

Isabel and John                                         Happy Birthday, Isabel

Mr. and Mrs. Lee were extremely informative and a very sweet family.  We had a wonderful experience and would recommend to anyone wanting to experience God's wonderful creation from the skies.  Good friends and good times!

Terra and Jason                                        Happy Birthday, Terra

What an amazing experience!  The only thing better than the view was the kind, friendly crew!

Kim and Nate                                            Happy Anniversary from Carolina High.

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